DJ Rostock, Berlin / DE






HELMS is one of those musicians who love to be surrounded by an ocean blinking lights from analog synthesizers and beat machines when he is working. Growing up with the sounds of Depeche Mode, Tribal, and Synthpop, you can still hear these influences in his deep Electronica-House. His Debut-EP “Neverminds” in 2015 on Voltage Musique was very well received and found its way on to many hard drives and USB-Sticks. Label boss Andreas Henneberg and the Einmusik contributed remixes and combined the mystical melodies of the original tracks with a more straightforward tech house approach. 

His second EP “ORBIT” was also released on Voltage Musique in early 2016 and established him as a permanent member of the label family. The EP had remixes from Schleppgeist and Madmotormiquel, who took part in this journey to the orbit.

While his productions continue to excite a growing number of people who like to hear sounds that walk off the beaten track, his DJ-Sets are the musical equivalent of emotional gift baskets. A DJ-Set he played at the Berlin club Sisyphos was voted the second best set of the year by the music blog “Jeden Tag ein Set”.

During the years 2016 and 2017 HELMS mostly worked as a producer with projects such as Zigan Aldi, Commander Love and of course his own main project: umami.

May 2018 will be the month where his first own LP releases. Its called “Warnow Valley” and will come out on the New York-based label trueColors. 

He will finally be able to show how all those experiences in the studio with other projects have inspired and molded him as an artist. 

The name of the album – “Warnow Valley” – is taken from a building project in HELMS’ hometown Rostock, where a group of creative people and artists work in the same house, managed by people from the group itself. In the years he had his studio there, many different singers, percussionists, and instrumentalists worked with him on this album.

The singer Darlini Singh Kaul wrote the lyrics for the title track  “Warnow Valley”. As a world musician, she has many different ways of expressing herself, but she always with a truly authentic voice. All her vocals in this track were recorded in one take, to capture the truth and purity in her performance.

The Berlin-based musician and singer Bonfante, wrote and sang her part in “La Luna” in her native tongue spanish, capturing her heritage while still being in the present moment musically. Other musicians on the album include Vader, who sang her intimate part in “You Wanna Too” and the guitarist and singer Pierre Sandeck, who performed and sang in “What The Hell”.