Dirt Crew (Break 3000)

Dirt Crew (Break 3000)

DJ Berlin / DE






Break 3000 is Dirt Crew Recordings’ Label owner. The label started out in 2004 and since then has been on the forefront of underground  House and Techno, by releasing some of the first records by artists such as “Mano Le Tough”, “Chymera”, “Till von Sein” and “Tigerskin” they gained a massive following in the House community

After many years of changing music styles and hypes they are very happy to be stronger as ever and still up and running. With the recent success of “Detroit Swindle” who’s debut album they released last year they took yet another big leap. The “S P I E L” sub label was started to offer an even wider range of electronic music.

This year the label will see more fine new releases from a lot of upcoming young talent like “Nachtbraker”, “Brame & Hamo”, “25 Places”, “Urulu & Steve Huerta”, “Kito Jempere” and most recently this new EP by “Ponty Mython Feat. Sebastien Vorhaus”.

The label just recently celebrated it’s 10th Birthday.

Dirt Crew History:

2004 Dirt Crew their first EP “Cleaning up the Ghetto Part I” on MBF (My Best Friend) and got respect from DJ/Producers like Trevor Jackson, Ata, Ivan Smagghe and Sasse. After the follow up release, “Cleaning Up The Ghetto II”, the track “Rok Da House” and their remix for Naomi by M.A.N.D.Y. on MBF, everything begin to fall into place and the Dirt Crew began to receive worldwide recognition on the dancefloors. Around this time Moodmusic expressed interest in their music the result of which were two tracks on the label with “808 Lazerbeam” and “Darkside”.

2005 their remix of Sasse’s “Soul sounds“ on Moodmusic was played by all the major DJs and is one of their strongest works so far. They also remixed the first single of the Who made who“ album on Gomma and artists like Jimpster, MANDY, Marc Romboy and Silicone Soul. In 2006 they did remixes for labels like Soma Rec., 2020 Vision, Crosstown rebels and Breastfed. 2007 they released their first artist album “Raw” which got really popular and had great reviews in all major magazines. In this album they changed their sound to house again which has always been the main influence in music.

2009 “Blow” their second album was released on Moodmusic. DJ MAG wrote: “An absolutely blistering collection of Chicago-influenced future house with more jack than you can shake a stick at”.