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Brame & Hamo

DJ Berlin / DE






Brame & Hamo are two young house aficionados from Sligo, Ireland, who recently made the move to Berlin to join the new wave of producers taking hold of the city.

It was Dirt Crew who first saw the genius in the pairing, releasing Tiarnan and Conor’s debut EP as a duo, “Street Urchin”. Their flair for incorporating nostalgia touched cries to hip hop, soul and jazz into the straight up dance floor records they create was quickly recognized by Detroit Swindle’s label Heist, and their second EP, “The Parish Rumors” was brought to life.

To add to their already impressive catalogue, Brame & Hamo’s unbridled passion lead them to launch their own imprint Splendor & Squalour in late 2014. They kicked things off with a sell out pressing of another four track EP of their own imaginings, “Clockwerk” featuring a remix from Session Victim. The pairs high level, high quality output continued in 2015, releasing “Lamaj’s Secret” on Dirt Crew with Andy Hart on remix duties. Most recently they were featured on Heist’s various various artists compilation ’The Round Up Part II’ EP, as well as Hamo dropping a solo EP, ‘The Cotton Club’ as the second release for Splendor & Squalour.

As DJs, the pair bounce off of one another, throwing down a unique blend of records they find digging, as well as quality new breed house music with undertones of soul.

Definitely ones to watch, with a busy touring schedule filling in for 2016 as well as more hotly anticipated, hot off the press releases in the pipeline, it’s only a matter of time before Brame & Hamo’s signature blend of house, hip hop, jazz and everything in between hits a club or a stereo near you.

Check out Splendor & Squalour: